ISDF2006 Program :

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Invited Session Poster Session

Invited Lectures

Dec. 18, Monday (Science Hall)

Opening Remarks and Welcome Address (10:00-10:20)

  • IL01 (10:20 - 11:00) “DuPont Artistri- System” Dr. Michael G. Lazzara (DuPont Artistri, U.S.A.)

  • IL02 (11:00 - 11:40) “Inkjet Textile Printing: History and Keys of Success to be Real Industry” Mr. Hideyuki Anzai (Konica Minolta IJ Technologies, Inc., Japan)

  • IL03 (13:00 - 13:40) “Photochromism of Spiroxazine, from Origin to Update” Prof. Sung-Hoon Kim (Kyungpook National University, Korea)

  • IL04 (13:40 - 14:20) “The Position of Natural Dyes in Austrian Textile Industry” Mag. Rita Anna Maria Mussak (University of Innsbruck, Austria)

  • IL05 (14:40 - 15:20) “Catalytic/Photocatalytic Ozonation of Dyeing Washing Effluent and Its Recycling” Prof. He Jinxin (Dong Hua University, China)

  • IL06 (15:20 - 16:00) “Status of R & D on Visible-Light Photocatalysts” Prof. Yasunori Taga (Chubu University, Japan)

Dec. 19, Tuesday (Science Hall)

Invited Session Poster Session

Poster Presentation

Dec. 18, Monday (AV Room etc.) 16:20 -- 17:40
Dec. 19, Tuesday (AV Room etc.) 10:20 -- 11:40

Session S: Special Session by Companies

Session A: Dye Chemistry

Session B: Dyeing and Printing

Session C: Textile Finishing

Session D: Functional Fiber and Polymer Science

  • PD401 Influence of Men’s Suit Jacket Size on Evaluation of Kinetic Performance Hiroyuki Kanai1, Hajime Tsuji1, Yo-ichi Matsumoto1, Toyonori Nishimatsu1, and Kiyohiro Shibata2 (1Shinshu University, 2Aoki International Co., Ltd., Japan)

  • PD402 Water Dispersion of Hydrophobic Carbon Materials −Interactions among Hydrophobic Molecules, Ions and Water− Hitomi Akimura, Rie Kawashima, and Mitsuru Satoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • PD403 Specific Properties of Water in Hydrophobic Polymer Systems Kazunori Iwata, Shigeki Kuroki, and Mitsuru Satoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • PD404 Properties of Water in Poly(4-vinyl phenol) Gel Yuko Sakai, Shigeki Kuroki, and Mitsuru Satoh (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)

  • PD405 Viscoelastic Deformation and Frictional Properties for the Ultra-thin Films of Poly(alkyl acrylate)s Kenji Hisada, Akiko Hino, Daisuke Sanaka, and Teruo Hori (University of Fukui, Japan)

  • PD406 Measurement of the Electrostatic Propensity for Wool Fabric Jooyong Kim1, Da-youn Wi1, Hyeon Tae Cho1, Ick Soo Kim2, and Su Min Lee2 (1Soong Sil University, 2Shinshu University, Korea)

  • PD407 Analysis of Objective and Subjective Measurement for Fragrant Fabrics: A Sensory Engineering Approach Jooyong Kim and Jae Sub Seo (Soong Sil University, Korea)

  • PD408 Cooling E-textiles from Conducting Polymers Jooyong Kim and Seung-A Lee (Soong Sil University, Korea) PD409 Development of a Semi-automatic Cloth Inspection Machine for High-quality Fabrics Jooyong Kim and Kitai Kim (Soong Sil University, Korea) PD410 Smart Cooling Car-seat Fabrics with a “Peltier” Module Jooyong Kim, Jun Hyung Song, and Kyung Joon Kim (Soong Sil University, Korea)

  • PD411 A Measurement Device for Dust Emission Rate of Textile Floor Coverings Jooyong Kim1, Joon Hyung Jang1, and Min Sun Kim2 (1Soong Sil University, 2Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea)

  • PD412 Preparation of Conductive Materials for Smart Clothing Jooyong Kim and Nowoo Park (Soong Sil University, Korea)

  • PD413 The Relationship of Filter Efficiency and Pressure Drop with the Porosity, Fiber Diameter and Filter Thickness Jooyong Kim and Xin Peng Wang (Soong Sil University, Korea)

  • PD414 Preparation and Characteristics of PVA/Sericin Blending Yarn Inbo Shim, Iljun Kwon, Sanghun Lee, Sungpil Kang, and Kiseo Bae (Chungnam University, Korea)

  • PD415 Preparation and Characteristics of PE/Sericin Bio-degradable Blending Composites Iljun Kwon1, Juhyun Lee1, Chanwoo Lee2, and Kiseo Bae1 (1Chungnam University, 2Hosoe University, Korea)

  • PD416 Highly Homogeneous Composites Made of Synthetic Polymers and Natural Polymers Kiyoshi Yamauchi (Osaka City University, Japan)

  • PD417 A Study on the Development of Nylon High Hollow Filament and Its Fabrics Dae Hyun Cho1, Jae Hun Jung1, Seung Jin Kim2, Kyung Soon Park2, and Sung Ho Moon3 (1Korea Textile Development Institute, 2Yeungnam University, 3One Chang Texco Co., Ltd., Korea)

  • PD418 A Study on the Physical Properties and Chromophore of Morphotex® Fabrics Seung Jin Kim1, Won Hyun Choi1, Woo Hyuk Choi1, Jea Sung Han2, and Oh Kyung Kwon3 (1Yeungnam University, 2Korea Textile Development Institute, 3Shin Fung Textile Co., Ltd., Korea)

  • PD419 A Study on the Development and Properties of Nylon Different Shrinkage Mixtured Yarns and Their Fabrics Seung Bum Sim1, Dae Hyun Cho1, Seung Jin Kim2, Chang Soo Chae2, and Gi Bong Jung3 (1Korea Textile Development Institute, 2Yeungnam University, 3Bo Kwang Textile Co., Ltd., Korea)

  • PD420 Impregnation of Photosensitive Dyes into Polymer Optical Fiber Using Subcritical CO2 Fluid Chuan Zhao, Satoko Okubayashi, Isao Tabata, Kenji Hisada, and Teruo Hori (University of Fukui, Japan)

  • PD421 Morphology, Structure and Properties of Electrospun Nanofibers

  • M. Kotaki1, R. Inai2, K. H. Chan1, and S. Ramakrishna3 (1Kyoto Institute of Technology, 2MECC Co., Ltd., 3National University of Singapore, Japan and Singapore)

  • PD422 Electrical Actuation of Textile Polymers −For the Use as Artificial Muscle− Toshihiro Hirai, Midori Takasaki, Takafumi Ogiwara, and Katsuya Fujii (Shinshu University, Japan)

Session E: Related Fields

Invited Session Poster Session